Following up on leads is the key to increased sales.

Did you know that 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups with your contact? Wouldn't it be nice to have those follow-ups pre-written and on any schedule you set? Let TickleTrain's drip campaign follow-up system do the work for you!

It's Easy To Use

  • Compose email
  • Put special address in the BCC field
  • Let TickleTrain do the work

It's that simple.


More than a reminder tool, TickleTrain sends emails as well.

TickleTrain allows you to create and save pre-written emails that can be used anytime you need to follow-up on something. Use them again and again! The personalization tool easily incorporates a name, giving your email a personal touch. Plus, TickleTrain's emails look like they came from you and replies flow right back to your inbox.


Enable Reply Tracking and your follow-ups will delete automatically.

It's a no brainer.

me the contract.
Mike, I've been really busy. Thank you for the follow-up. Please send


A drip campaign keeps you top-of-mind.

Send timely reminders and quick communications automatically to nurture your relationships. Your personal attention will make your contacts feel more important and when they are ready to purchase, they will think of you first. Watch your sales, leads, and productivity soar to higher and higher levels while our drip marketing system does all the follow up work for you.

Works With Your Existing Email Application

If it has a BCC field, it works with TickleTrain.

Now, setting up your own drip campaign using Gmail is easy. Gmail users can download our Chrome Extension to integrate TickleTrain directly into Gmail for enhanced functionality.