Android devices pair perfectly with TickleTrain

android_imgTickleTrain integrates with all of Android’s email applications including Emoze, K-9, Aqua Mail and more. Android’s email applications make use of the auto-complete feature, so you’ll never need to type the Tickle BCC address more than once the first time you use it. It’s also great for mobile users, because typing on smaller devices can be tedious. With TickleTrain, your emails are already written and ready to send when you need them. It’s a time saver and when used as a sales tool, a money maker.

TickleTrain manages your emails like a personal assistant.

How does it work?

how_tickle_trainLet’s explore how TickleTrain is used on Android to follow-up on emails. After signing up for an account at, you’ll be provided with a “universal” Tickle that can be used on any email you choose. In your Android email app, just type its assigned email address in the BCC field, that’s it! Tickles are applied to emails by including a special email address in the BCC field. TickleTrain uses a format like this: The “universal” Tickle is set to follow up in three days if you don’t get a reply. You’ll receive an email notification on the third day (called “Today’s Tickles”). Today’s Tickles reminds you of your important emails and allows you to send your follow-ups or delete them- all with a single click. Nothing gets sent without your approval, with auto send also as an option.

Customize your follow-up emails with whatever wording you want and use them over and over again for different contacts and subjects. Creating your own unique Tickles is easy. Log into the TickleTrain website and you will be guided through setting up a Tickle. When you’re done, click Save and you’ll be provided with a new unique email address to use in the BCC field. You can have an unlimited number of Tickles each customized for the subject matter at hand. Then use them whenever the email subject matches. Common examples might be: – follows up on anything – encourages payment for unpaid invoices – follows-up on the quote or estimate you sent – follows up in two weeks for you

TickleTrain is like having hiring a personal email assistant. Any email that you want replied to, read, or acted on, can now happen automatically. Your follow-up emails encourage a response and since they were written by you in advance, they look like you are personally following up- but you didn’t spend anywhere near the amount of time it would normally take. The concept is something to get used to. But once you do, you’ll see how much more you can get done through Androids email applications. Plus, you might be surprised how following up builds better relationships. Your contacts instantly feel important by your personal attention to them – especially when no one else did! It’s a powerful one-to-one crm sales tool. That’s why we call TickleTrain – “a money maker”.