The power is in it’s simplicity

In less than 2 seconds, you can have peace of mind on every email you send.


TickleTrain is not a complicated. Far from it. In fact, it’s actually very easy to use. Also TickleTrain works seamlessly with any email client. How does it work? Your account comes preloaded with generic Tickles to help you get started immediately. Simply place the special email address (provided by TickleTrain) in the BCC field to start the drip marketing campaign. TickleTrain will then go to work in the background.

Plus, TickleTrain always keeps you informed. You’ll receive an automated email reminder called “Today’s Tickles” to let you know what follow-up emails are scheduled. Most of the time you’ll just be using this “dashboard summary” to manage your follow-up drip campaigns.


Oh, and about the 2 seconds comment in the title- it’s true! Just start typing your Tickle BCC address… and since every email program uses auto-complete, just two letters and presto, there’s your Tickle! It’s the fastest and most convenient way to follow-up- period! You’ll find you use the same Tickles over and over again, so it becomes super quick.

Works With Your Existing Email Application

If it has a BCC field, it works with TickleTrain.

Now, setting up your own drip campaign using Gmail is easy. Gmail users can download our Chrome Extension to integrate TickleTrain directly into Gmail for enhanced functionality.