Put your email follow-ups on autopilot

Follow-up campaigns delete automatically.


This powerful tool makes TickleTrain so easy that you can use it on almost any email you send. As one of its main features, TickleTrain follows up on emails for you. When Reply Tracking is enabled and a reply is received, any remaining follow-up emails cancel automatically. Simply put, in less than 2 seconds, every email you send will be followed up on if you don’t get a reply – and if you do get a reply, no further action is needed on your part. WOW!

me the contract.
Mike, I’ve been really busy. Thank you for the follow-up. Please send

Unlimited Email Follow-ups for less than $5 per month

Sign up now for TickleTrain. Try it free or choose the unlimited plan for less than $5 per month. It’s an unbelievable deal to have peace of mind on every email you send. Use it to send comprehensive follow up drip campaigns and/or use it to follow-up on important emails within your daily work flow. With TickleTrain in action, you’ll be boosting your sales and productivity, closing more sales, turning cold leads into warm leads, and improving your ROI. Even interoffice communications will benefit with TickleTrain. Visit TickleTrain.com, click on the Sign Up & Pricing tab, and select the Red Line plan for unlimited use. Are you ready to boost your productivity? Try TickleTrain now and put your follow-up emails on autopilot.