TickleTrain makes a perfect drip marketing tool

Drip marketing is about personalized relevant communications. Exactly what TickleTrain does.

Nurturing Your Leads

Drip campaigns send timely reminders and quick communications to help nurture leads from lookers into buyers. TickleTrain is perfect for this. And it’s mojo is in it’s simplicity. A common approach to begin a drip campiagn is through vistors completeing a form on your website. TickleTrain can integrate with any existing web form you use now. Just set the form to include a special TickleTrain email address in the BCC field. When the welcome email gets sent, TickleTrain goes to work. Your drip campiagn can include unlimited emails, file attachments and images, varied send intervals, varied content and much more. But dripping emails is more than lead nurturing. TickleTrain can drip emails for things like training programs, simple reminders, repeating emails, abandoned shopping cart notices, after purchase follow-ups, and much more. If it has a BCC field, you can use TickleTrain.