If you use Gmail, you need TickleTrain

TickleTrain’s Gmail plug-in offers the ultimate solution for following up on emails and managing sent mail. Some of its unique features include:

  • Deep integration with Gmail.
  • Option to auto-cancel emails if a reply is received.
  • Dedicated TickleTrain button and side bar.
  • Powerful preview and management tools built-in.

TickleTrain allows Gmail users to take better control of their inbox and outbox. TickleTrain tracks emails you send and provides personalized follow-up if your email needs a reply. Best of all, the follow-up emails look like you personally typed them and are sent with a single click– a productivity boost is instant. It’s like having your own personal email assistant. If you are a Gmail user, don’t delay trying TickleTrain’s Chrome Extension.

TickleTrain manages your emails like a personal assistant.

How does it work?

Learn more about TickleTrain Drip Marketing.Let’s explore how TickleTrain works in Gmail. After installing the TickleTrain app, login and it’s ready to use. There are preloaded Tickles to get you started. Just compose an email and click the TickleTrain button. Select the Tickle you’d like to use if you don’t get a reply and click send. That’s it. You’ll receive an email notification (called “Today’s Tickles”) where you can preview the follow up email and send it with a single click. And if your email is replied to, your follow-up is automatically deleted. Use the pre-loaded Tickles or create your own with whatever wording you want. Use them over and over again for different contacts and subjects. You can have an unlimited number of Tickles, each customized for the subject matter at hand. Use them whenever the email subject matches.

Once you start using TickleTrain, you’ll see how much more you can get done through Gmail. Plus, you might be surprised how following up builds better relationships. Your contacts instantly feel important by your personal attention to them. See how it can help your business productivity and increase sales. Sign-up for free.