Email follow-up made easy with Microsoft Outlook


TickleTrain works with all versions of Microsoft Outlook including the web version – Since TickleTrain uses the BCC field in your emails to function, it only takes a few seconds to use. It can be used to track important sent email, follow up on emails that need a reply, or used as a drip email tool to provide different emails on a schedule. Outlook is the solution TickleTrain was first developed for. What’s nice about it, and many other platforms, is the auto-fill feature. When you start typing, the email address starts to display. This feature makes TickleTrain blazing fast. Check out this little video we did.


See how you can save time and keep contacts engaged with TickleTrain.

TickleTrain manages your emails like a personal assistant.

How does it work?

how_tickle_trainLet’s explore how TickleTrain is used with Microsoft Outlook to follow-up on emails. After signing up for an account at, you’ll be provided with several pre-loaded Tickles that can be used on any email you choose. When composing or replying to an email in Microsoft Outlook, just type its assigned email address in the BCC field before sending. One of those preloaded Tickles is called “universal.” TickleTrain uses a format like this for the BCC field of your email: The “universal” Tickle tags emails for follow up in three days if you don’t get a reply. You’ll receive an email notification (called “Today’s Tickles”) where you can preview the follow up email TickleTrain composed for you and send it with a single click. Nothing gets sent without your approval.

Customize your Tickles with whatever wording you want and use them over and over again for different contacts and subjects. Creating your own unique Tickles for different subjects is easy. Login to the TickleTrain website using Mozilla’s Firefox, Windows Explorer, Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome browser, or your favorite web browser, and click Add Tickle. You will then be guided through setting up a Tickle. When you’re done, click Save and you’ll be provided with a new unique email address to use in the BCC field. You can have an unlimited number of Tickles each customized for the subject matter at hand. Use them whenever the email subject matches. Common examples might be: – follows up on anything – encourages payment for unpaid invoices – follows-up on the quote or estimate you sent – follows up in two weeks for you

The concept is something to get used to. But once you do, you’ll see how much more you can get done through Microsoft Outlook. Plus, you might be surprised how following up builds better relationships. Your contacts instantly feel important by your personal attention to them – especially when no one else did! That’s why we call TickleTrain – “a money maker”. “It boosts productivity and increases sales. See how it can help your business. Sign-up for free.”